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I think I'm somewhat back for real this time.

What's up, guys.   I've been missing the smallish community feeling of Sal's - as opposed to more popular forums, such as Reddit - and figured I'd come back and start being active, again. It's been so long since I've regularly visited this website, but the blogging community still seems to be relatively alive compared to the actual subforums.   What's happened in my life outside of Sal's in the last few years of my absence: - Graduated high school a year early - Experienced heartbreak :-((( - Got a job blowing glass for a scientific glass (bong/pipe) company - Went off to university - Dropped out of university because my goals don't require a college education - Went back to blowing glass because it's what I love and I get paid well   Aside from all of that, life has been pretty mellow. It's nice to see a bunch of users on here that I haven't seen in a while. I look forward to posting on here more often!   p.s. I really wish I could remember the mom who hugged me that I referenced in that blog post.



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