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About this blog

Hi, I'm Mic. I've been an user of Sal's Realm since the creation of the 'new' forums and the early stages of RuneScape 2 as a game.
In this blog I'll be dumping pictures of my old days as a RuneScape player for nostalgic purposes. The goal is to have an entry every day, until I run out of things to post about.

Entries in this blog

The Falador Massacre

This entry isn’t the best, but because I’m still IP blocked I can only use my phone to write, and the content I can add is rather limited. 06-06-(20)06 - RuneScape's day of infamy. Or RuneScape's most exciting day. Depends on who you ask. 6-6-6 was the day the Construction party bug took place, and a then rather unknown player - Durial321 - became the stuff of legend. I could explain what happened in my own words, even though most people probably remember the whole thing like it happened yesterday, given how shocking it was at the time. But I'll let your own and only @Adam? tl;dr it to you:

2007 Adam? is completely right. The Falador Massacre was caused by a combat ring bug in Cursed You's house. Cursed You was an insanely rich player, who invested his many resources into becoming the first player to ever achieve 99 in the then extremely expensive skill Construction. To celebrate this fact - like any rich person would - Cursed You threw a gigantic party at his PoH and invited the entire game to attend. Things went sour when Cursed You decided to expel the many players inside his PoH, causing a malfunction in the house itself and the game. Players in the house's PvP area - not all but only a select few - found themselves able to attack people outside the PoH's instanced area. A dream come true to any PvPer.
One player in particular took advantage of this: Durial321. He began slaying people left and right, killing them with a combination of deadly Ice Barrages and his Abyssal Whip (back them still the top weapon). Players caught and killed dropped all their valuables, allowing Durial to loot two already then very expensive Party Hats, including a Green Party hat Durial then wore as the ultimate middle finger to the people he was killing, as seen in the video footage.
After a few minutes of complete and total mayhem, Jagex staff finally intervened and disconnected Durial321, and banned him for bug abuse. By then damage and been done and RuneScape history had been written.

in 2016 Jagex hosted events celebrating this infamous day, with multiple references to Durial321, Green Party hats, and a NPC version of Durial for players to fight.

The original Massacre video:

King Mic

King Mic

The Blog's Banner

As the first entry I'll use a piece of artwork made by @Zooey.
Zooey and I didn't know each other that well all things considered, but from my part I can say he was someone I grew to respect a lot and consider a Sal's friend. He was always willing to create cool signatures and avatars for me, without asking for anything or much at all in return. A tremendously nice person and Sal's user to have around.
In this one in particular Zooey highlighted my background as Sal's resident F2P PKer/PvPer, as well as my involvement in the Clan World of RuneScape.
In all my years as a RunesScape player and Sal's user, I've had countless avatars and signatures made specifically for me. Many of them of considerable high quality, which I plan to share here in the blog in the future, in another nostalgic entry or multiples.
And yet, this piece is the one I choose to represent the blog as it truly captures the essence of who I was as a RuneScape player: a PvPer of the minor F2P leagues, and Clan World aficionado. Many thanks Zooey!

King Mic

King Mic

Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars - 04/03/2013

Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars Event

Team Santafish Vs Squirtle Squad 

Far from the high attendance standards of the Sal's of old, these events hosted roughly a decade ago were the final days of Sal's activity, when we could still pull a small but consistent group of people to attend fun events. This event, an Old School Castle Wars competition between teams Santafish (led by Salmoneus) and it's rivals the Squirtle Squad (led by Micael Fatia) was possibly one of the final few times Salmoneus himself attended an event.
Needless to say we all had a blast. My pictures have been copied and transferred multiple times, so it's hard to find an accurate date of creation for these screenshots. The oldest date associated to them I could find was March 4th of 2013, nearly 10 years ago, but it's potentially older than that.

King Mic

King Mic


RuneScape Artwork Signatures

Two of my most prized RuneScape related possessions were made here, by two extremely talented women of Sal's Realm: @zellychan and @Cresenne! (I hope I got your tags correct)
Both were (and likely still are!) amazing artists, capable of turning into amazing pieces of art anything you requested of them using only their pens and imagination.
I've used and abused their amazing gifts here and every other RuneScape forum, ranking as my top used signatures online, anywhere.
Words cannot express how grateful I am that they sacrificed their time to make a relatively unknown at the time RuneScape player (and noob) this happy. Santa hats off to the two of you.

The first piece shows my RuneScape character in a Clan War, sporting 3xtermination (a Sal's based clan) colors (red), 'tanking' enemies from a green capped clan. White medium hair, because in my youth I was a huge fan of Devil May Cry and Dante. Zamorak armor because the lore lover in me enjoyed showcasing my preferrences when it came to the Gods. And because, let's face it, it was mad stylish.

The second piece was done years later, and shows my evolution as a RuneScape player from your basic "F2P PKer / Clanner" to all around PvPer claded in P2P mage armour. The switch in combat style came with my love for the skill of Magic, which quickly became my favourite combat skill and area of expertise. Magic was never made to be viable as a single combat skill in the F2P version, with it being only useful during clan wars with the added protection numbers provided. P2P on the other hand, it was deadly, cool and very satisfying.

King Mic

King Mic

King of F2P PvP - Corrupt Drops

A not-so-brief-introduction:

Back in the day players who considered themselves "PvPers" (or the most used word: "PKers") were essentially split in two very basic main categories: the F2P PKers, and the P2P PKers.
P2P PKing usually involved more risk, as the equipment was more valuable, and weapons more overpowered and dangerous. It made for quick and deadly duels, usually with considerable amounts of gold being gambled. F2P on the other hand was looked down upon by the P2Pers - who considered anyone who did F2P PKing was "below" their tier and level - as well as by a considerable portion of the non-PvP community who merely did not understand it.
F2P PKing, however, despite not as expensive with a rough average of 200k in armour being risked, arguably required more skill.
And why was this the case? F2P fights had a mix of high defense armour and only average damage-dealing weapons. Meaning with appropriate food, and equally armoured/armed foes, fights could last a long time. Much longer than P2P encounters. Because it was impossible to KO your opponent if they were at full Hitpoints or near full, and players would run after expending all their food, an unofficial rule was introduced in the F2P PKing community: the "no-safing rule".

What was the no-safing rule?
Safing was the action of 'eating' / using healing food while above the amount of lifepoints considered 'safe' or free of risk that could cause the player to get 'KOed'. 'Honorable' PKers (or at least smart ones who wanted a chance to earn kills and loot) were expected to maintain their lifepoints at around a low, albeit reasonable amount; so that an opponent could lower their lifepoints with their primary weapon, and with a quick switch of weapons to a secondary, usually much slower but harder hitting weapon, potentially inflict a large hit and KO/defeat their foe. It depended heavily on luck to inflict the important final hit, and fights consisted of minutes doing this 'dance' trying to KO their adversary.
It required better timing, stress control, prayer points allocation and timing, luck and everything else than almost everything P2P PKing required; where damage was consistently high and brutal and less dependent on skill and timing, and rellying far more on specials and luck.

What were/are 'Corrupt Weapons'?
Corrupt Weapons were introduced after the free-trade removal; a system introduced by Jagex to combat RWT/RMT. Essentially - as many of you surely remember - Jagex removed the concept of gifts, free trades/exchanges or item drops to limit/eliminate the perceived threat of RWT/RMT to their game, without any care or second thoughts on how it'd impact the manner the game and it's community functioned.
It was highly damaging to the PvP community as a whole, who no longer received as a reward for killing their opponents said fallen opponent's 'gear', usually expensive. The drops became randomly generated, in a tremendously unfair system that relied on pure luck for the most part, and a weird and unreasonable kill/death average formula.
With the new system now in place, Corrupt Weapons were added as potential drops not just for P2Pers but also for F2Pers, adding a new layer of difficulty to F2P PKing. And why's that? Corrupt Weapons were/are the 'corrupt' versions (aka degradable after x uses) of the famed P2P Dragon Weapons, weapons and armor previously unnacessible to F2Pers.
They hit harder and faster than Rune weapons, and gave a massive advantage to anyone using them, thus becoming highly sough after by the top F2P PKers as KO weapons. Getting a Corrupt Weapon drop was a guaranteed couple mils, and bank made. The chief of which was the Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe, the dream of any F2P PKer.

Personal opinion / disclaimer:
I by no means wish to offend or bellitle P2P PKing and P2P PKers. It does require skill, and considerably more risk given that you can get killed much faster and easily, completely out of nowehere with the added bonus of risking more wealth. I have personally however tried both, and always felt F2P appealed more to me, and reminded me more of the RuneScape of old. Both types of PKing similar mainly in the basis that you had to kill your opponent, but very different in the way you went about doing so. Excellent F2P PKers could fail utterly doing P2P PKing the same way expert P2Pers would get their behinds handed to them in a glorious manner trying F2P PKing.

King Mic

King Mic

99 Woodcutting - My very first noteworthy RuneScape Achievement

The first level 99 I've ever achieved. 99 Woodcutting. I had a small party attended by Sal's members, and an adequately small drop party (for a poor player) to celebrate. 
July 24th of 2011 is the earliest date I can find associated to the screenshot, but it could be older considering I began my RuneScape career in 2005. 6 years seems too long for my first 99, so 2011 is possibly the oldest recorded modification to the image.

King Mic

King Mic

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