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Hi There

So i felt like writing a quick message, seeing as I'm online here for the first time in months and months. Don't take this to mean that I'm actually back, because you couldn't be more wrong. I just wanted to say "Hi!" to all the old Sal's veterans who might remember me :/   Also, in case anyone cares (i know they don't but whatever), if you remember my previous blog article, the one about Linda, i have an update. We hooked up for like a month and then i realized that she and her friends were annoying and i broke it off. Funny how things work out that way, huh?   Ok, so anyone that remembers me and whom i liked (a fairly select few, i might admit :( ) this is just a quick shout-out to you all!   Adios...again





I like a girl at school.   Her name is Melinda, actually, thats lie, i am cleverly protecting her name for security reasons.   Anyways Melinda is really awesome. I have a couple class periods with her, and fortunately it seems she knows who i am (which is certainly a step in the right direction).   But the issue is that i don't know if she likes me the way i like her. Its evident that she is: a) Not repulsed by me -- She starts conversations with me b) Willing to make a relationship (the issue being, is it one of freindship, or something more?) -- She talked to me even after a few awkward statements on my part.   Now, i'm not going to go into explicit detail of what she looks like, because i think that thats a bit sketchy to do on the internet. But i will say that she is attractive, fairly popular (i don't mean popular with the 'cool' kids, i mean she has a buttload of friends), and could certainly have a multitude of guys that are more physically appealing, or more appealing personality-wise (or both!) than myself. And thats the issue that i can't figure out. Because i get this vibe that she does actually like me, but then i worry that: a) She's just being friendly and outgoing b) I'm, and this is simply stating a fact, not up to the caliber of other guys who i believe like her.   Now the standard advice on these boards is, "blah-blah go talk to her, blah-blah nothing will happen if you don't try, at least make an effort." But I simply can't do that, i can't force myself to go up to someone and be like, "Hey, wanna hang out and go see a movie sometime."   Oh well, she's now initiated our 2 real conversations (really 1.5, but i count it as one because she came to me despite a more convenient person to talk to for data in Biology sitting closer by). So i suppose now its my turn to start some stupid superficial conversation.   I really wish it was possible to start off your relationship with someone by saying things that have meaning and feeling, for some reason we're all hard-wired to skirt around the edge of the subject, rarely actually having the courage to say something meaningful.



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