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A look into understanding and investing in the Runescape Economy.

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My Confidence, shattered. Make a move?!

Judging by the title of this entry... you probably think this is a story about how I tried to ask a girl out, but she gave me a signal that indicated she was not interested in me, but should I still make a move?!   NOPE. That's not it. (;   In fact, this is my FIRST entry, of my NEW blog that explores my endeavors in the Runescape Economy. How did I get interested? I read a merchanting guide that explained the ideas of flipping, investing, and predicting. It's pretty cool actually, but for me... there was a turn-off. (link to the guide is below)   I just didn't know how to start.   And that was my problem.   So! Reading all of these things about investing, I decided to read a few graphs from the Grand Exchange (ge). I popped in a few items that interested me, lobsters, fire runes, air runes, swordfish, tuna, iron ore, coal, etc. Read their graphs.   And had no clue what any of them meant.   So the next day passed, I watched again. Those items, all decreased in price by a few percent...   So the next day passed, I watched again, again. AND, those items, still descreased...   So the next day passed, I watched again, and woah! Some items leveled out! Niceee. So I'm finally starting to see the patterns in prices dropping, leveling, and rising again... And I know the key is to buy at the lowest price... then sell at the highest. But is it really that easy?   As I watched these prices fall and level, I decided to make my first move TODAY! So, fire runes sell at 6gp each now.. I'm going to make a move, buy 1k fire runes for 6k gp, and see when it starts to rise. (fire rune graph below)     So i did it, and I feel so accomplished for doing so, so i tell everyone on my friends list!   Then I was shot down. As I explained to everyone that I was waiting for the price to jump back up... someone echoed these words:   Someone: "It won't." Me: "Why not?" Someone: "Botters."   DANG BOTTERS. RUINING MY CHANCE TO MAKE A PROFIT. Then and there, my confidence was shattered.   If you notice, all of those items that I listed before are declining drastically in price for the past... 10-20 days. Botters. Botters have those items, and are selling them. And we truly don't know if this problem will be fixed, so fire runes is a no-go for me. But! I'm optimistically waiting!   Rules to remember: High supply, low demand = low prices. Low supply, high demand = high prices.   But! There's hope! Some kind advice from you guys on this forum made me aware that the player owned ports will require planks! Therefore, I search Oak Logs, (For oak planks) and found that it is a good item to invest in! It rises and falls quite a bit in the past 30 days, and it just continues to rise, and will continue to rise because of the new update! So! I plan on making a move quite soon on that!     Thanks guys for reading! -Moos           Find me on RS! Nike Hoops   I am interested in starting a clan based on Runescape Investing, interested? Message me.   Follow me on twitter: @AndrooKnech   Advanced Trading Guide: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Advanced_Trading_Guide



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