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Discoveries of the lore and gods of Gielinor

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The Mahjarrat: A Closer Look

Written by Saraph LeVrai The Mahjarrat are a people shrouded in mystery, but with diligent work, one can discover much about them. There are several known Mahjarrat: Zemouregal, the Mahjarrat involved in the tale of Arrav
The Oracle on top of White Wolf Mountain
Hazeel, an ancient warlord, recently resurrected
Zamorak, who became a god after grievously injuring Zaros
Lucien, a powerful mage who aids Zamorak and tries to recover the Staff of Armadyl
You will notice several things. First, the Mahjarrat seem to have a tendency towards evil. Second, they are more powerful than the normal human. Third, they are very close to being immortal.   We also know that they came from the realm of Freneskrae, which has variable spelling, and that it is the same realm from which Dragon items come. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the Mahjarrat are the smiths of Dragon Weapons.   In any case, the Mahjarrat are a major threat to peace in Gielinor and warrant further monitoring.

Enoch Root

Enoch Root


The Wise Old Man: A Look At The Past

Written by Saraph LeVrai. Sources: Nadpese   The Wise Old Man, though he recently moved to Draynor Village, has already become a fixture in the sleepy seaside town. He is the archetypical wise old man, always willing to dispense advice to the wayward adventurer. But how does he know so much? The RuneScape sages delve deeper into his past.   The Wise Old Man, when he was young, was an avid Saradominist named Dionysius, who all thought was destined to become a priest of Saradomin. He was responsible for trashing a Zamorakian Temple in southern Varrock.   He proceeded to have a fantastic series of adventures, helping people and being a generally good Saradominist adventurer. He helped the dwarves clear their tunnels of Trolls, aided the citizens of Karamja, and set up the toll booth over Brimhaven dungeon. He then went to live with the Desert Bandits for a time, studying the pyramid nearby their camp.   However, his adventures were not without their toll. He retired to Draynor Village, a bitter old man with a monster under his bed. Thus wearied, he proceeded to extract from the Draynor bank, by force, the things he thought he deserved for his services to the realm of Gielinor. What will become of him in the future? No one knows, but you may be certain that we have not heard the last about this Wise Old Man.

Enoch Root

Enoch Root

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