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Jagex Likes Giving Me Work :o

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So they've suddenly decided to completely re-jig how the Herblore Skill works, making all the Herbs look ugly, adding new items, re-naming others, getting rid of wonderful examination descriptions, etc. <_<


Help pl0x. :closedeyes:



At least they've given an Achievement Diary that I probably won't do for absolutely ages. <_<


I've done about 7 tasks from the Karamja Diary. :closedeyes:

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Yeah. :aware: I have to update the Varrock map. It's quite hard, because the image I took of the map is between 100% and 75%. I take the map pic while it is zooming in so the text like "Palace" and "Varrock" don't appear. Also, the map is made of two images, so again, I have to take one screenshot of a percentage between 100% and 75% and must also nail that same percentage for the second part of the map. :s

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