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1111111111ge1.gifprety woooper
quagsireti9.pngo hi i'm jackson quagsire wearing a ugly polo wit my long brown hairs
hi welcom to sals

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thts 1 mitey fine quagsire but it needs som pants befoar u get bannd for posting pokemon pongaphy

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i think wooper needs sum armsdr pigg is onh thee job hehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehgo geoduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude5xr89yt.pngit a wooper dude get it hehehehehheheheheheheh lolhes riped like rey misterio lol go619!!!!!i givvd quagsire some nic tite pink pantws lol6gd8rba.png

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has taht wooper been drug tested 4 sterods? :P
no u dnt ndrstnd i capttred a gerodude thenn i nocked him out nthen i cut his arms offf n thrw the geodud awy then i noked out teh wooper and sticheed he arms on2 him lol

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