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This Game Cost Me $99 For My Ps3 But It Was Worth It

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i went 2 the dinosaur level and i got to scratch the dinosaurs back to make him get out of the street


then i went 2 the old west leevl and i oiled the train so he will move off the tracks


overall i give it 9/10 good job

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hay mine didnt come with a activity game wat the heck??!! :(

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that 1 is easy there isnt even a fish that will eat your peanut butter and jellyfish sanwiches in the first levelin the 2nd level there is a angler fish but he only moves back and forth he is easy to dodge 4/10 semi dificil

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i had the freddy fish maze game that was so awesome :P :wub:
o ya but i cant get pas teh 1st lvl pls halp
At the time I actually couldn't get past the first level. :|EDIT: It was a Freddy the Fish game.

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Pyjama Sam and Freddy the Fish is way better.
hav u eva played Pagama Sam: Thunder and Lightning aren't so frightening.it teeches sum grat morals about not bein afraid of teh wether

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my fav is PAJAMA SAM: THERES NO NEED 2 HIDE WEN ITS DARK OUTSIDEyou get to play tic-tac-to with cheese & crackers aginst darkness

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I really enjoyed Pajama Sam: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your FeetAnother great one was Freddi Fish 3: The Case of The Stolen Conch Shell

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i liked the haunted schoolhouse becuz in the very beginning you can write on the chalkboard

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