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My Life.

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Scary Food Item


I don't have any ideas for an entry, but I want to make one, so here's some useless ramblings.


My life is going fine. My grades are fine except for a C+ in band (I try not to think about it) The kids at school are annoying as always, I could produce a list of the most annoying people in my school off the top of my head. As of last night, I have been told GTFO by Cost of Living and I even have a content block all to myself YAY! I've been really bored latley and have been spending way too much time on the computer, I kind of want to go inactive from Sal's for a while but I don't know what else I'd do. My brother and his little friends are playing with a fog machine outside of this room, it's going to get annoying after a while :cute:






my stupid computer is bother me very much!!!!! :mad:

when i play the computer became very very slow moving!!!! >.<

i hate it!!!!

i want to buy a new computer!!!!!

but my parents say no!!!! :huh:

do u agree i buy a new computer or disagree


PPS: 30th entry.


I'm so proud.

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