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I Love Living In The 21st Century

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Scary Food Item


Today our printer stopped printing all of the sudden. Being the computer wiz I am (:mad:) I was the one to fix it. I went into the printer menu and printed off a wireless network summary, that said that the printer wasn't connected to our network. I walk into the kitched and tell my day "The printer's not connected to the network" My dad's pretty good with computers (Not as good as me of course <_<) so he knew what I was talking about. My mom asked "What does that mean?" like it was a NORMAL question (wad up wit dat) I went in and played around with the printer for a few moments and came out to the laptop to test our network. My dad and I got into this whole conversation with advanced computing terms such as "IP adress" "Network" and many other confusing things. Needless to say my mom was quite confused, and I felt smart.


I love living in the 21st century. :/

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