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Scary Food Item


Here are some more of my useless ramblings.


This morning I was watching the news and they had a segment in it called "Txt tlk truble" or something like that. They were saying how chat speak is making kids today lazy and all that. Now of course we all know that grammer r gewd and it will soon rule the world, but I laughed at one girl they interviewed. She was a high school student and I don't think she was very bright. She couldn't think of a decent excuse of why she uses Chat Speak. Her interview was something like this:

"Well, ummm... sometimes you don't umm... have enough time to umm... type out the entire word so sometimes you have to be umm... creative[i know she called it creative, I don't know about everything else]."

Few things wrong with that missy.

-I type with the best grammar I have and I still have too much time on my hands.

-Chat speak is not creative.

PS: Found the story.


PPS:The sound's like half a second off on that video, it's pretty annoying.

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