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I'm Gangsta.

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Scary Food Item


ya lyk im a cool gangsta i like callin mahself and otha ppl gangsta and i fink gai ppl sux jus cuz i sai so even if i dun kno wat ther lyk LOL i fink shootin ppl and tradin drugz is cool and sprai panting bildings is coll so i wanna do taht wen i gro up YO DIGGITY DAWG!!?>@[email protected]#[email protected]!!!



















WAIT!!! This entry does have a point. Why are so many people obsessed with trying to act like gansters? Whoever started to portray gangsters as positive role models needs to be hunted down. I'm pretty sure it was a rapper, due to a discussion I heard that went like this:

"Yeah this one rapper, he took his gang and he went down to Tupac's gang and he kicked his :king: so now Tupac's dead and I'm really sad"



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It's pretty sad. A lot of people are trying to go for the rapper/inmate look, and even consider them their heroes.Whatever happened to wanting to be like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

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