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Dress Rehersal Fun! And Sum Moar Annoying People

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Scary Food Item


Today we had a dress rehersal during school for a concert we will be performing tomorrow. We took the first 3 periods of school, it was actually pretty fun.


What wasn't fun was the choir teacher. She's evil and I even heard the high school choir teacher hates her because she scares kids away from choir.

The first sign of evilness I noticed was when I was walking into the autotorium after a break. She had her line of 100 something choir kids and was getting ready to walk in. I didn't want to wait for all of them so I tried to squeeze past her. I swear she tried to block me, but I was too strong for her *Scary Applesauce flexes his muscles.

She gets way too angry and shouts "DON'T DO THAT TO ME!"

Now she's trying to get her choir kids on stage. I don't blame her for being frustrated, but what she did was pretty funny.


"TURN YOUR SHOULDERS LIKE YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD!"(I swear that sounds like a 70's song, but it to some disco music)


My band teacher was obviously annoyed, and made stabbing motions at her with his baton.



Now for my annoying people rant.

There's this kid who I shall refer to as "annoying" and his cronie who I shall refer to as "Cronie"

So Annoying is a misbehaved person. He loves interrupting class, constantly. Normaly I don't mind this, but his jokes aren't funny. At all.

For example, today we were talking about the steps that led to the American Reveloution. Namley the Stamp Act and the Sugar Act. The teacher asks someting along the lines of "Why were the British taxing the colonies so much?" he asks the question a few times and every time Annoying responds something like this.

"Cuz their ugly"

"Cuz their fat"


And I bet you're wondering about cronie, he's not really annoying, his job is to laugh at whatever Annoying says.

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