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Y Halo Thar

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Hello. :(


This my first entry into my blog! I have no idea what to write, so I shall list what is currently on my desk (no lies):

  • My Computer Screen
  • My Computer
  • My Lamp
  • A Nintendo DS
  • A Chemical Romance Album
  • A Blur Album
  • Several Other Albums, which are stacked together unlike the pervious two.
  • An iPod Video
  • A Printer
  • Books: Proven Guilty by Jum nice doggy!er, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks, Zimmer Men by Marcus Berkmann.
  • A Carved Elephant (that my unclue brought back from his trip to a village in Africa to build a school)
  • Several Batteries
  • A Penknife
  • One of those small CDs that has pictures of the hockey team Sharks
  • A Pair Of Gloves
  • A History Textbook
  • Several Unidentifyable Sheets Of Paper
  • A Russian Doll (from Russia)
  • A Pile Of Post-It Notes
  • My Computer Mouse
  • My Keyboard
  • My Fingers

I hope that was fantastically interesting for you.

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Yay, just posting to say that you are now 1 comment ahead of Sal thanks to me :aware:

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