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Scary Food Item


Today in history class we were having a very strange discussion. Enentually we got to the point where someone said "Girls are complicated" now of course a girl has to get offended by that, or the fabric of reality will unwind. The kid that said this isn't very bright, so the arguement he used was "Yeah they are, they go to the bathroom together" now to prevent reality from unwinding, this girl got offended and said "AT LEAST WE DONT PEA IN FRUNT OF EECH OTHR!"

This launched an entire classwide discussion on what people do in the bathrooms. I'm not going into detail.


See what I have to live through, feel sorry for me.

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I love how it's only sexism when it applies to women.I had this really sexist teacher, she would always pick on guys and stuff. One day I said something like "Girls are complicated" and she got all mad and I got detention.She'd let girls say practically anything about boys though. In gym, she'd let them cheat by letting them kick us. :/Of course, when I said "That's sexist" she'd just shrug it off and say it wasn't.

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Men suck. We should ban them from every sporting activity, and from existing altogether.*Nobody gets offended, reality unwravels*ORWomen suck. We sould ban them from every sporting activity, and from existing altogether.OMG US SECKSIST IMAH SOO U!!!:)

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