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My 1st Decent Blog Entry I Guess...



Title says it all.


First Avatar


Well, I'm a procrastinator by nature, and I found this avatar and thought I'd use it. It kinda sums me up <_<. Note to self: complete blog entry..


Plans for signature


At the moment, I can't think of anything to have as a signature. Something different from my avatar, but not out of place. Something that sums up who I am, but doesn't look whacked out. Not sure if it should do with Runescape or not, I'm leaning towards the latter. But I'm not sure at all.


Hitting the jackpot


...Whatever you're thinking, that's not it, unless you guessed it by a fluke or you're stalking me... :wub:. *runs*


Well, one of my electives for grade 12 was IT, because I am a computer freak, and want to go to college and study it, although I only know chunks of random stuff. When we were in class a few days ago, we found out it was IPT (Information Processes & Technology) and started work on it. Today our teacher said: (OK, this is what I think he meant.) Since we were obviously not too far into the course, and because he wasn't sure what of the following two subjects would benefit us more once we left school, we would 'vote' to choose whether our class would study: IPT or Software Design and Development.


The latter won, that's why I'm happy.


- I've always wanted to know how to write codes that create applications

- I'm looking for a career in IT but my main interest is coding

- I've never being able to get my head around how you can write applications. For some reason I keep on thinking that there's certain limits, but in reality, there are none, and I've never known how that works. This should hopefully teach me :glasses:. Or maybe I'm thinking too highly of the standards of senior high school compared to college...


Spur of the memory


After I finished writing this blog entry, I suddenly remembered back when Mrcsupertrain was offering to translate people's forum names. I remembered I asked him to, then forgot about it. After some searching, I found it...




Quote of the day


"Or a big fat placebo, it's all the same (censored)" - Dr. Hubert Farnsworth, Futurama. Yeah, not a good one, was half-listening to the episode, heard it, and put it on here..


That concludes the entry of Friday, November 30th, 2007...


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