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A Hard Decision For Runescape Players.

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Scary Food Item


I'm sure the reason I can't acess the official forums is because all of the rants crashed the servers. I'm pretty mad at Jagex, even if I don't stake or PK. They have come out with a lot of updates recently, which seem to be slowly taking away player's freedom, leaving abseloute control of the game to Jagex. But with those updates, there comes a question.


What kind of Runescape do we want?


Here are some quotes from some of the "Worst updates in history"

To remove real-world trading from RuneScape, we must stop the gold sellers' ability to function
PKers COULD still get drops from their kills and real-world traders COULD NOT use it to transfer items reliably
There is now a cap to the amount a player can win in the space of 15 minutes in a staked duel, which is set to 3,000 coins. This limit will make it harder for real-world traders to unfairly use the Duel Arena as a covert way of transferring items
This will create a stable economy that cannot be abused by players who seek to manipulate prices to the disadvantage of others.


All of these quotes from seperate updates have something to do with stopping Runescape's biggest problems, Scammers, Marcoers, and Real World Item Traders. RS players have been complaining about these things before all of these updates happened, saying Jagex wasn't doing anything about them.


Now they have.


This is where the question comes in. What kind of Runescape do we want? We can have a Runescape with a relativley small amount of RWITers, Bots, etc. with this these types of strict rules in place. OR we could have a bot infested ScammerScape, with Jagex doing nothing about it, but Runescape players with a lot more freedom.


What do you want?


PS: I would prefer if you take this seriously. Spam=blacklist.

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I havn't played in a long time, over a year. But i did play classic when the bots were bad. The bots destroyed the prices of yews, willows, coal, iron and many other raw materials...so i bought everything i could at the lowest price and i loved it. Lets face it, the bots where holding up a large pillar in the RS economy. Jagex will never get rid of them all, they are only succedding in getting rid of good honest players through overly drastic measures.

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yep, you state my ideas exactly. :/They're putting horrible after horrible update on us(the players.) just driving the popularity of this game down and down, just to get rid of a small part of the population that, when you think about it, sort've stimulates the economy.not sure what I Just said there, but that's my opinion

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