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Strange? Yes, It Is.

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Whenever I get sick (or extremely tired) I get this strange sensation that everything around me (including me) becomes about 1000 times larger. Everything is either a straight line, or a super curvy/rough line. I open my eyes, and the wall that is in reality, 1 meter away, looks about 20 meters away. Lifting my hand feels like it weighs as much as a car, and I'm lifting it with ease. All edges are either smooth or rough at all times. It's always random. Then I shake my head and everything goes back to normal. Again, this only happens right before I go to sleep, or right after a dream while it's still 2AM and I'm super tired.


On another note, there's a lot of hate, flame wars, and battles going on in here (Hidden to normal members). Someone just please turn it off. kthx.

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