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Pissed Off

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Scary Food Item


I got Battlefield 2 for Christmas. I can't play it on the desktop because we don't have a good enough video card, but our laptop can play it. BUT our laptop doesn't have a mouse and I hate playing games with just the finger pad. So I've been waiting until we can get a mouse. We go to the store and get a decent mouse for the laptop. I put the disk in for Battlefield 2 only to discover that I've lost the >.< manual that has the CD key on it. So I go get another game I got for Christmas and put it in the laptop, it takes forever to install only to discover that that game won't play on the graphics card there. So now I'm installing it on the desktop.


But I'm still pretty pissed off right now.

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how culd dis hpaen 2 me i made a minstakegot cary awaynight go go as i fadi awayi jus wana scremi sick of this lifhow culd this hapen 2 me

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