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Chocolate Cake!

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I've decided to try my hand in baking for levelling my cooking. :love: From where I started, I'll need to make 58,763 chocolate cakes to get 99 / 25,845 to 90 / 6,151 to 80. :devil-lol: Sure, it'll stink getting all the ingredients, but it appeals more to me than getting all the lobsters.


Donations at a time:

142 Uncooked cakes (preferred :lol:)

214 Pot of flour (preferred)

750 Eggs (preferred)

33 Chocolate bars

300 Grain (preferred)


To make it better, I could supply the buckets/pots. :love: And yes, if I have the money, I'll buy them. (-3k :love:)


Well, this look fun. :queen:

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Asa much pots of flour as I can, and atleast that grain.EDIT: you posted while I was typing.

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Ok, forget any serious training from me on cooking until my headaches goes away. ^_^ I'll be training combat again.80l3u6d.pngI am poor no longer. :cry:Edit: I'm just buying 30k uncooked cakes now in the GX, any personal deliveries would be appreciated. :P

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