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New Plan Of Action

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I'll work on my smithing. ^_^ If anyone tried helping me with cooking, I'll buy whatever you'd gathered. I'm going to buy ores, smelt steel bars and resell them for a while, seeing as my smithing is only 55, and Wilt made it sound fairly easy, mind the time it takes for the trips. Any other tips would be appreciated. :o

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kan i smith whit u plz?It's not too bad now that clan chat's out. Just get some music on and chat your heart out :P

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I think I can settle in on that 99 cooking once again, this time lobsters. :o I'd do the cakes, but no one sells any of the ingredients. :unsure: I'm raking in money every 3 or so hours, 50% better then I used to do with 1k iron ores in the same amount of time. All it takes is 2 million to buy 100k+ raw lobsters. :o

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*pulls out calculator*2,000,000/100,000 = 20 eaMore like 20M for all, not 2M :PBuy some, sell back, buy some more is easier.

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