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Crysis + Mobo

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I've finished the Crysis campaign today. Amazing game, really. Until you reach the aliens. I'll not to give out any spoilers, but don't read the following if you want to be sure.



Ok, so the first part of the alien thing by itself is utterly boring. You get an occasional alien or twenty leaping at you, and the game lags because it's so damn beautiful so you can't handle your shotgun properly. I had to auto-save atleast once per... 5 minutes or so to not get killed by some alien frenzy.


I then spent literally hours in some weird room. Where there were shields which would go down eventually. Once every f'ing 15 minutes, or so. Turned out it wasn't the room I was supposed to be.


Now, when you normally encounter enemies (Koreans), you can shoot them and grab their ammo. In the alien base, this is not an option. They're flying around, and you have to have, like, two fully stocked weapons to survive that damn thing.


Anyways, after a while you arrive at some ship, after an almost impossible helicopter flight, which is really confusing. That's actually the last part of the game, it felt like the beginning of the real thing. :aware: But anyways, the ending sucks, badly. It's like "SHIP KABOOM, you save a girl who's stupid enough to fall out of a helicopter and finished!".






But the first part of the game is AWESOME, seriously. :box: Definitely a recommended game. Heck, even the gorgeous graphics make it all worth it.



Ok, so I decided to try something today. Mess around with my motherboard. ^_^ You see, I have a MSI Neo2-FR right now, but I've got another defect one lying around which I mess around with.


A little introduction; there's three motherboards in that series. The P35 Neo2-FR (which I have), the P35 Neo2-FIR (same as mine but has firewire) and P35 Platinum. The Platinum is the full featured board, and supposedly the 'best' overclocker because of its slightly larger heatsink.


So, basically, my Neo2-FR is the cheap version of the Platinum.


BUT, what's my deal here? There's this sticker, with 'P35 Neo-FR' on it, it's fugly, so I removed it. Guess what was under the sticker? A line of text, which said, maybe you've already guessed it: "P35 Platinum"


So basically, I have a P35 Platinum board, with a sticker and slightly different heatsink. (which don't differ in performance) The Platinum costs ~60 dollars more, and the Neo2-FR is (in theory) exactly the same board, but you don't have to pay that extra 60 dollars. :D


I'm happy I got this motherboard, it's fantastic, and I definitely recommend it. :huh:


That's all. :P

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