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Cold, Frostbite, Fire, And Cold.

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Scary Food Item


That pretty much sums up my experience this weekend. We went on a winter camp called the Klondike (Which is an ancient norse term for "Drive up into the Uintas and freeze your cabbage off") with my scout troop.


One of the older kids in my troop decided it was smart to eat Doritos, Gatorade, chili, and other various junk before bed. He ended up throwing up in the middle of the night. The two other kids sleeping with him got up (along some other kid who was cold and homesick) and instead of waking up a leader or trying to find somewhere else to sleep, they light a fire and they TALK at 2:00 in the morning. This morning he cleaned it up, it was frozen and I gag just thinking about it, I'm not going into detail with that.


This morning we were waiting out in a big field for some award ceremony. There was a little stream running in the middle of the field with sheets of ice hanging over it on either side. I guess it was pretty cool. :aware: So we decided it would be fun to knock down these ice sheets. All went well until I almost fell in the river and got my gloves wet. I'm glad it wasn't too cold. The same kid that threw up in the middle of the night somehow got stuck in some of the ice we had knocked down and got his boots soaked. He was out for the rest of the day.


The same kid who threw up in the middle of the night and fell in the stream caught his snow pants on fire. He was sitting outside at 2:00Am and a hot ember or something landed on his pants. Apparently his pants caught on fire because he screamed "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ" (He really said "Shiz") and his pants were warped and burnt-looking the next day. He also burnt his gloves because they smelled funny.


Oh what fun!

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You know, I once ate a Brownie.But I'm looking forward to my winter camping. It's gonna be fun. My crazy friend is gonna bring an umbrella and a robe

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