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A Tale Of Boredom

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I had another terrible time playing basketball, but that isn't anything new. :D My day consisted of two movies, boredom, emo kids, a fight, more boredom, and then the lame basketball. What an eventful life I have.


First period was health, which is never a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I like gym...just not early in the morning. I'm half-asleep and still have grudges against having to get up out of the safe comfort of my bed. I do NOT want to run around, so being able to sit in a class room for an easy class is nice. Today's class was especially nice because we were finishing Dead Poet's Society. Very good movie, and one of the few that I actually enjoyed in school. I know, it's crazy ****. I just wish that someone didn't have to go and ruin the ending for me. I HATE THAT.


Moving on from Health I had a nice double period of Physics. What fun, I get to spend an extra 45 minutes with freshman who don't understand the concept of Newtons First Law. During the break between periods I asked my teacher (one of my favs) to explain E=mc^2 to me. I had the random impulse to learn something new, and it was pretty interesting. (ima nerd)


Physics to English, which had the second movie of the day, Cry, The Beloved Country. Most likely the most boring thing I have ever had the displeasure to view, and I could only pass the time by trying to force in references from other movies. (The opening scene was actually a remake of the first in The Fellowship of the Ring. This wasn't random, as some girl asked what we were watching after it being said 100 TIMES.) Then I went to lunch, where I tried to do my homework while my friends blew up balloons and the girl next to me compared her breast size to the balloon. Fun stuff! >.<


The afternoon was boring. We started Geometry, I went to the emo class again, History was lame as usual, and I chatted about nothing with a friend in Spanish. The real "fun" started when we went to play basketball against a section rival. Of course, we lost in overtime and it was a repetition of complete suckage that most of my 3 readers are familiar with. (Pass the effin ball!) We are going to be destroyed in the playoffs, which we somehow already made with out subpar record.


That's it. Oh yeah, I also have a new banner, and plan to sleep without any anime. Check to make sure no plagues are ravaging your town before going outside tomorrow.

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i reprot u 4 misledin tilte nub :D <_< :glasses: :starwars:Boring = normal <-- the sad truth of life

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You're 15 and you just learned what E=MC^2 means? E for energy, M for mass, C for the speed of light. What did you think it meant? ^_^ And what was the emo fight about?

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I never knew exactly what it meant. It went a little more in-depth than that.Oh, I guess I forgot about that. There was a tiny fight at lunch, but nothing big. The emo kids are just my classmates in Writer's Workshop.

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