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Laryngitis, Mile Run, And Other Assorted Merriment. My Day At School.

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Scary Food Item



1st Period, band-The teacher lost his voice, he shouldn't have come today. He tried to yell at two of the French horns because they were being lazy cabbages and not playing, but it just came out as a louder whisper. He said "Do you want me to throw something?" in reference to the fact that he lost his temper at the same horns in orchestra winds (Which I am not a part of) yesterday and threw a stand into the seats (Luckily no one was in there).

Mile run:

2nd period, PE-Oh boy, mile run. Due to the fact that my gym teacher never does stretches and the most I've ever run in the past 4 months is five minutes, I did it in 10:00. I could do it in 8-9 last year. >.< Two kids (Who are the type that don't care about school AT ALL) walked the entire thing at got a time around 15:00, the coach got mad at them and she lectured them after class.


Assorted merriment:

3rd period, math-Factoring trinomials, nothing to report. The classroom was pretty much empty because all of the ninth graders who failed Algebra last year (Who makes up a majority of my class) were watching An Inconvenient Truth.


4th period, Spanish-Probably the highlight of my day. About halfway through the period, the office aid brings a note from the counseling center for me. I went down and the counselor gave me a "Certificate of outstanding achievement on the IOWA test" at the beginning of the year, wewt. I go back to class and about 10 minutes later, the teacher gets a call asking for me and another girl. We arrive at the vice principals office and they show us a print off of our math grade. She told us that we needed to get our score up or we would miss lunch tomorrow to make it up. I have NO idea why the vice principal (Or rather the person substituting for her) needed to tell us that.


5th period, Language Arts-Reading a story. We were looking over an inkblot test we took yesterday and when we came to one the teacher asked him what it looked like to him and he said "It looks like to girls and one cup" I think that video is a hit all over our school.


6th period, Science-Working on a project, nothing to report.


7th period, U.S. History-The student teacher gave us a short lecture because we were horrible yesterday. Then we did notes and worked on the project I mentioned in the previous entry (Which no one commented on :( ). Everyone was oddly quiet.


This has to be the longest entry I've ever made.

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