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Official Release Of The Synkit?

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Well, I've attached the combat calculator, fit the new button into all the skins including the custom skin designer (which ended up creating a problem that took an hour to solve :glasses: ). Now the .zip file includes the basic info text file with a disclaimer, contents list, and credits (Speaking of credits, I forgot to add Cougar into the program's credits, but you're in the text file's, sorry ^_^ ).


Here's the link:



I'll gladly take into consideration serious suggestions for the SynKit.



If all else fails, try downloading the visual basic program itself:


I think it installs an important thing needed to run the programs.

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If you want the exact math, pm Vaskor on the RuneWise forums. He would be glad to give it to you. :greenhat:

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Well, are other sites showing other levels? I haven't checked any others besides that.

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I honestly have no clue what's going wrong. All I can say is to try and download the latest version and if it wants to replace your current one (which you said is a higher version somehow), then forget it, but if not, go for it.

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It says that it can't install with the other one installed, meaning I have to uninstall it to install the other one. :mellow:

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Eh, I guess it won't work for your computer then. You could try installing the actual program (Visual Studio) if you really want to try it.

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