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Skiing Is Fun!

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Yesterday we decided to go skiing with the eleven year old boy scout troop. My family left early to rent equipment and got there at about 1:00. Because we wouldn't buy lift passes, we had to wait until 3:00 until one of them opened up for free. We played around on the tiny hills, and then went to our car to eat lunch. The lift is open when we come back, but some evil force conspired against us and it was foggy and snowy when we came back. It wasn't coming down too hard when we got back from lunch, so we rode up anyway. It seems the second we got on the lift , it started coming down hard. I bet I got an inch on my coat on the ride up. By the time our group arrived, the storm had escelated to BAD. Snow was falling horizontaly and there was a lot of it. And even more fun, the hill we took down went DIRECTLY INTO THE STORM. I spent the entire time looking at the person's skis in front of me, and if I tried to look up I was met with a facefull of the greatest snow on earth, which I am now starting to detest. We went down the hill ONCE and left.


Someone make it spring.

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It looked like it would be spring on Friday. I also hate the greatest snow on earth.

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