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La Luna And The Grizzlies.

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Scary Food Item


Yesterday we decided that we would eat out at a Mexican restaurant and see a hockey game with tickets courtesy of the team chiropractor who just happens to live across the street from us. Even if none of us particularly like hockey, we decided it would be fun. But first we had to get dinner. It was at a nice little Mexican place called La Luna (Which means The Moon for you non bilingual people). We've been there before, it's nice. We sit down (Should I mention that it was at the same exact place we sat last time we went?) and order. I get a smothered burrito and the rest of my family gets other food (Two of my brothers get American food, pfft). I finish quickly and leave to go to the bathroom. My brother comes with me (You have to use the buddy system!). I walk in and go quickly, but my brother is waiting for a stall with voices coming out of it. I thought I only heard one, but my brother swears he heard two men talking in Spanish. What they were doing I really don't care to know.


We left that place and went to the for the E-center. We had our tickets on will-call so we went into a lower part of the place to get them. Their system was really slow. It had A-I in one line, and K-Z in the other (Anyone notice a problem?). Because our last name starts with L we had to wait in the longest line. And because it was the longest, it was also the one with the slowest people. We eventually got our tickets, so we left the will-call place and went into the main entrance and into another line. Luckily this one moved faster and we were able to find our seats (Which were actually really good). Like I've said before, none of our family really likes hockey. But I think now my sister does because she was shouting "GO GRIZZLIES!" the entire time. How an eight year old girl can shout so loud for so long is beyond me, and the weirdest part about it is, she's not hoarse today. The Grizzlies lost 4-1, I don't think they're very good.

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That happened to us one time. I put our names in a drawing at Wendy's, and we won a free meal and seats to a hockey game. I didn't pay attention to the game, I just had fun being there. :box:

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