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Fun, Yet Not So Fun

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Baby turtles :wub:

Palm fruits

Elephant riding

Dragonfruit plantation

Some old Malaysian boats

Entrance to the Pahang Sultan's palace

Something that dropped onto our room's balcony


Some flower-egg thing




Our school organises a trip for the Secondary 2s every first term of the year, known as the Malaysian Montage.



Outwin Outpride Outbond


Our (not very impressive) slogan for this year's event. :box:


Day 1

We depart from Singapore to some tea plantation in Malaysia. Those things they use to collect the tea leaves are HUGE. They use a large metal plate on the ground to measure the mass of the tea leaves collected. We were supposed to pick some of our cluster members such that the total weight would be 888kg. We hit 910. Other clusters got up to like 1200. :xd:


We proceed to Sgt.Pandan Waterfalls for lunch.


It is a well-maintained and clan area with recreation facilities, shelters and food stalls.




Stray bricks were freaking EVERYWHERE. I got an abrasion by the side of my knee here. The waterfall pool doesn't look like much more than a wading pool anyway. :)


At 5pm we head for De Rhu resort at Balok.


De Rhu Beach Resort is an international class beachfront paradise

:P :P


At about 8pm we head to some shelter in the areas for dinner. As I squat down to listen to our Year-Head's instructions, I feel something crunch beneath my foot.


It was a beetle.


It turns out that this "international class" resort is infested by beetles, most of which had come to an unfortunate end under the soles of our shoes.


I didn't eat dinner that night. :)



Day 2

We leave at 8am for Deerland. Guess what they house?


The place is teeming with mosquitoes. I hold a (adorable :wub:)hedgehog in my hands for the first time. Those deer don't seem to like to be touched, but they get up and walk on their hind legs for food. :wub:


We depart for Elephant Sanctuary. The elephants on the stage are chained to the floor by two feet. Not a very impressive display. Later we tidy up the place by picking up litter.


Day 3

We visit the local Turtle Sanctuary. There wasn't really much to see except for some naughty cats and those baby turtles. We visit the beach but I end up being the last one to board the bus due to sand in my shoes. :P


The natural Batik village. Contrary to what its name suggest, the place isn't a lot more than a few small shops and the artroom. I end up having to 冲 the borders with yellow because I spent too much time on the flowers. :xd:


Day 4

The cohort gathers somewhere along some place in Pekan for a taste of local village life. What we get is a mock wedding between two unfortunate members of our community (sorry Bennett :xd:), some lunch (which I didn't eat to having no taste for curry) and some music which frankly I didn't appreciate all all.


Meh. :P


Day 5

We visit the local Water Craft Gallery, a.k.a place where ancient boats are dumped for the public to view. I was expecting something like fountains that spewed water into nice patterns. :(


As a filler, we go to a local village to play the local tops (I know I suck. :( ), then visit the Sultan's palace. We depart for SIngapore.




What made this trip really wothwhile was the


bus journeys


hotel stays.


There's this kid in our bus who's a natural comedian. And it so happens that we're in the same hotel room. (I inadvertently whacked him with my toenail while I was asleep. :P) You don't know how fun watching Underworld until 12.30 am while eating chips is. :D


I can't really think of more to write about. :box:



On a side note, I had a series of lucid dreams last night. It was creepy but awesome. :)

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