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Scary Food Item


Today we played football (American football for you other people :rolleyes: ) in gym. Not real football, it was "Ultimate football." Although it was quite the opposite of ultimate, we couldn't move if we had the ball so we had to pass it down instead of running.


Anyhoo, my team had girls, two boys, and me. The other team had two boys, and a whole bunch of girls. One of the boys I know from math class, is really annoying. He didn't particularly care for the rules and he broke them (Heavens forbid!) to score. They got two points and I heard two separate teammates say the exact same thing, "This is the gayest game ever!" Which translates into: "This is something that I cannot do and/or someone does it better than me and therefore it is gay!" I figured at that point they weren't going to play something that was gay so I gave up.


Aren't I an interesting person?

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