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The Mahjarrat: A Closer Look

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Enoch Root


Written by Saraph LeVrai

The Mahjarrat are a people shrouded in mystery, but with diligent work, one can discover much about them. There are several known Mahjarrat:

  • Zemouregal, the Mahjarrat involved in the tale of Arrav
  • The Oracle on top of White Wolf Mountain
  • Hazeel, an ancient warlord, recently resurrected
  • Zamorak, who became a god after grievously injuring Zaros
  • Lucien, a powerful mage who aids Zamorak and tries to recover the Staff of Armadyl

You will notice several things. First, the Mahjarrat seem to have a tendency towards evil. Second, they are more powerful than the normal human. Third, they are very close to being immortal.


We also know that they came from the realm of Freneskrae, which has variable spelling, and that it is the same realm from which Dragon items come. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the Mahjarrat are the smiths of Dragon Weapons.


In any case, the Mahjarrat are a major threat to peace in Gielinor and warrant further monitoring.

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