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Scary Food Item


Even though Wikipedia claims to have a neutral policy, it has a strong liberal bias. Despite numerous concerns expressed by sincere individuals, the Wikipedia elite did nothing. So Conservapedia was created, to put an end to the bias.


"Wikipedia elite" I read in a Conservapedia article.


Just type in anything you think a crazy Christian/Republican would feel very strongly about and start laughing.


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They do have a point though. Some of Wikipedia's admins don't exactly have a reputation for impartiality. There are like nerd wars between editors and stuff on there.

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I would laugh my head off and spend all afternoon abusing this, but since I actually am a Christian/Republican, it loses a lot of the glamour. :(~Eman :(

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I am too, but none of us are crazy.
lolwut? :) Correction: not all of you are crazy.

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