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Scary Food Item


Some people take the console debate so seriously, it is almost like a religion to them. But there is no religion for it, so I decided to create one.


Consolers believe in three higher powers they are:

Wilbur Igor Ichbonstein.



Perseus Staton The 3rd


And Xaiver Barnum Of Xinyi The 3rd who is also 60 years old.




Many moons ago while the Earth was young The Three got into an argument. They all believed they were more entertaining than the others. Eventually the argument escalated into a great war. The war ended after each of The Three exhausted all of their resources and they each had a realization.

Warring would not make any of them more entertaining.

So they had a bet. They would all make a video game console (don't ask why). And whoever was the best would hold the other two as slaves for one thousand years. They released their consoles, and the war began again. But this time, our world was involved.


There's consolism in a nutshell. I hope it may provide you with a reason to argue.


Don't take this seriously please, I'm not trying to offend anyone.

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I believed that the Wii died for our bins, and the Xbox 360 and the Playstation cried themselves to eternal sleep.That's why I don't own one. :/ ~Eman :o

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