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Accomplished Goals!

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Hello, everybody. Luckily, I didn't get any homework today, so I have a lot of time to play Runescape. I would like to announce that I have finally accomplished my goals: 75 Woodcutting and 700,000 coins. If you would like to know the reason why I didn't get any homework, read this:

The girls are practicing for their Bat-Mitzvah and us, the boys also get to attend and be part of the ceremony, so we (the girls and the boys) all had to practice. It took almost all day, except for the last hour which the teacher let us play some games.


I had to write this entry because I really like this Sunday. I am sorry it's a short entry and I promise to expand and detail more all about the week on the weekend. Thanks for reading and have a great week! :P

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Yay, You have done ur goals. 700k is a good chunk of money to start merching with.

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