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Float Preview Party.

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Scary Food Item


This morning our marching band met up to go to the Days Of '47 Float Preview Party. In Utah, they say the days of '47 is a celebration of when the first Mormon settlers arrived in the valley, but it's really just an excuse to have big parades and shoot off the rest of your illegal fireworks.


Anyhoo the parade people host a big "Preview Party" before the parade (Which is Thursday) where the floats sit there instead of moving. It's held inside of a big air conditioned expo center, and marching around there was nice. Then we went up onto a platform and did the same thing we did when marching except we weren't moving. And I got to meet BIG BUDAH (Who is a 5,000-something pound guy that works for the local news station.)


Enough about me. What about you?

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Lucky you met Big Budah. I now want to go there (I never knew it was there)

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