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This Is No Way For A Governor To Behave!

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Scary Food Item




You wouldn't guess it from looking at this commercial, but the guy in that commercial is a local celebrity who used to own a computer store chain called Totally Awesome Computers. He calls himself Superdell and got in trouble for pulling a gun out on some people, among other things. He shut down his computer store (And the job of making annoying commercials was passed on to PC Laptops Slogan: We Love You!!!!!!!) and disappeared for a while before showing up again in these commercials. Anyway, my title is relevant because this guy's running for governor. He was originally running for the mayor of Salt Lake, then mayor of Salt Lake county, and then governor. If he wins, I will move out of state and possible forefit my religion because no higer being with our interests at heart would let him be in charge of AN ENTIRE FRICKIN' STATE!!!!

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