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Scary Food Item


Today my blog takes on a more serious note as we discuss a very serious issue. It is a tragic epidemic sweeping the nation and infecting without mercy.

The disease I talk about here, ladies and gentlemen, is caninefetishism.


It is defined in "Infectious Diseases for Dummies" as:

A strong attraction to one's dog(s).

You may have not heard of it, the liberal media feels is does not deserve attention but I am here to tell you otherwise. It is a terrible, terrible, disease that, if it infects you, can cause a host of symptoms, these include:

  1. An unexplainable need to take you dog everywhere you go.
  2. Not caring what people think about above.
  3. Dressing your dog up.

And many other horrible things.


I hope I could have raised awareness about this and I plead with you to avoid this disease at ALL COSTS.

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