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Scary's Laws Of Internet Discussions.

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Scary Food Item


1. The law of "Sensitive subjects"

Any discussion of Sensitive Subjects (Religion and politics) will ultimately become the same thing.

  1. Any discussion about politics will eventually become a thorough examination and criticism of every single one of the U.S's policies.
  2. Any discussion about religion must have at least one post declaring a deep hatred for religion, citing every source they can find to disprove God's existence, and outlining every tiny flaw with the Bible.

2. The law of numbers.

All threads dealing with numbers should have at leas one OVER 9000 reference. Calculations project this trend will continue for more than 465,824 years before dying out.


3. Please see: "Godwin's Law"


Our scientists are working around the clock to discover new laws but for the moment please enjoy these.

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