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Fake Ideas?

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The Leet World


So I have ideas for a new Fake, after a couple few months.


-Tobymac's song "Boomin" complete with stage, mic, and audience and other stuff


-Stranded on a raft in the ocean at the middle of nowhere


-A local Runescape Library just like a real one


I'm pondering on which one. Boomin would be the awesomist, cause you know, Tobymac is awesome. Stranded on a raft would be nice, but kinda toned down. Library, maybe. I would have to decide how it looks though. Should I make a whole new building or replace one? I think I'll replace one just to save some time.


I'll think about it and decide later.



Wow, 158 yews give 62k?

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I already took the Castaway one (and a while ago, too) :PIf I come up with one that I'm too lazy to do myself, I'll tell you :(

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