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Money Making Tip #4

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Hello Everyone,


This mainly directed at newer members and combat loving people.


There is quite a few ways to make money with combat -


1- Killing High level monsters for rare Drops,


2- Staked Duels (Not recommended for only money sorce)


3- MiniGames


A few Mini-Games that can be used for making money with combat include...


- Fist of Guthix - The Hunter and the hunted where u must kill or our-run your opponent while getting as many charges as you can, while killing the other before they get more charges than you. Click the Name to Go to Sal's Guide to Fist Of Guhix for more info.


- Tzhaar Fight Caves - The player goes into a cave to fight wave after wave of opponents. the farther you make it, the more Tokkul you get, Tokkul can be used for items which can be sold on the Grand Exchange for A Shiny Penny or 2 :xd: Click the Name to go to Sal's Guide for the Tzhaar Fight Caves for more information.


- Pest control - One of the MOST popular Games to play for cash, for every time you win you are given a fair amount of coins each time, you also get Pest points which are used to buy Void armor, skill exp, or even mineral or herb pack which can be sold or used for skills. Click on the Name to go to Sal's guide for Pest control, if you wan to know more.



I will Be posting more tips as i get them, look forward to seeing you all!

- Spidermike9 :aware:

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Nice tips, except where you have "Tears of Guthix" it should be "Fist of Guthix" =D

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