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The Leet World


So I was playing RuneScape yesterday -at the library and there was this other kid sittin next to me playing Mechquest, he looks over at my screen and goes, "Oh, you play RuneScape?"


Then we go into a full conversation about RuneScape's item price drops, plus some other stuff. I then leave midday, and come back at 1:15, and he isn't there. At 5:30, my mom picks me up.


The next day, (which is today) I go back, and after 30 mins I see him there again. Then we talk even more about price drops and other stuff. Then I leave midday and come back home to type this up and get a midly-long blog post plus a cramped thumb from typing all this up on the Wii's internet system. Ow.



I'm trying to get money to buy full Zamarok armor. (Is that how you spell Zamarok? My thumb hurts.)

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