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Welcome To My Blog

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So, yeah. A few of you wanted me to get a blog. So here it is, this is my first Blog. I honestly don't know what the Hell I'm supposed to do on it, so I'll just give you a little information about myself to make it look like I know what I'm doing.


My name is Jedediah, I live in British Columbia, Canada about 6 hours away from Vancouver. My Igloo is doing very fine, as well as my Oil Powered 42" HDTV :s I am somewhat of a gamer, I started playing Neopets because it was over 3 weeks since Microsoft said they would give me a new Power Brick for my 360 ( I kind of shoved 240 Volts of electricity into the last one >_< ). I have over 200,000 NP on it and I have been playing for 1-2 Weeks. I called Microsoft about the problem, they said I was supposed to send me old one in (I was like WTF?). I told him the last 3 people didn't tell me that so now I don't have to send mine in, my 360 Power Brick should be here on the 19th AND I get a free Xbox Live Vision Camera for free (I think it's valued at $39.99 at Blockbuster). Finally I will be able to get that achievement in Rainbow Six Vegas if I ever choose to rent that game again. Also, I am somewhat of a Completionist whore on video games. I'm a fan of the Machinima done by DigitalPh33r (DigitalPh33r.Blogspot.com) such as Arby 'n' the Chief and Deus Ex Machina as well as "It's a Wonderful Live". My Gamertag on Xbox Live is Jedediah18 as I am to damn lazy to think of a creative name.






My Headset is broken, so if you want to play with me, just hope that I can hear what your saying through the speakers. When I get my Live Subscription online again I am up for playing some Halo 3 (I need to get 70 XP Anyways) as well as GTA IV. Maybe just maybe for COD 4. Even though my Gamertag doesn't say it, I also have the XBLA Game "Texas Hold 'em" the only reason I don't have the game record saved on my GT is because I never got all the achievements on my Original Gamertag. If you want to e-mail me about some stuff and I am not on Sal's RuneScape Forum, feel free to contact me . So, that's about it for right now I hope that will keep you happy until I decide how to work this thing and mess with the settings a bit.


P.S. If ANYONE knows where I can get the game Dead Rising, or if anyone is willing to sell it to me for less than $30 CAD let me know, I seriously love that game.

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