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Day Two

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Well, day two of the creation of my blog is here, assuming you count Midnight a new day instead of when you wake up at 5 AM and had your Coffee and are heading to work. Thinking of getting rid of my laptop and getting a new Desktop PC with Windows Vista so I can play Halo 2 and get some Achievements for my Gamertag Jedediah18. I had to do it the process of deleting all of my personal files manually, basically what I did was un-install some crap on my computer. Made a new administrator account, deleted my old. For some reason it transfered the files in My Documents as well as Desktop to the New Administrator even though I said no. It put everything in one folder and put it in Documents and Settings. But still, atleast I was able to finally delete that Swiftswitch install program that was putting Adware on my computer :s. Originally my Computer's free space was about 37%. Now I bumped it up to around 72% mainly by deleting my collection of South Park Episodes (About 2.7 Gigs) and Maplestory (1.5 Gigs). Had to re-install and Un-install some game programs such as Matrix: Path of Neo (Removed it because of a Riskware infection, 99/100 that it was spyware according to F-Secure, file name was MatrixW3S12.Bin or something like that) and The Matrix Online because the Add and Remove program wouldn't take it out as it couldn't find the file. Back then I prefered deleting the files myself just for the satisfaction that I have a huge recycle bin to make it seem like I was actually doing something. This Blog thing is actually pretty fun if I am doing it correctly, just posting some shizzle about what I've done lately allows me to memorize some other stuff so I don't have to keep the events of 1/8th of the day in my head.

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