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My Xbox 360

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  1. 1. If you were able to have a FREE item of your choice, what would it be?

    • Project Gotham Racing 3
    • Viva Pinata: Party Animals
    • Xbox Live Vision Camera
    • 64 MegaByte Memory Unit
    • Wireless Controller
    • Rechargable Battery Pack
    • Universal Remote (Compatible with TV, 360 and DVD Player)

I have nothing really interesting to put on my blog today, so instead I'll just put up my story with MicroSoft Customer Services Department :s though I highly doubt that you all would really give a shizzle >_< I think some of us already know how crappy their service is.



Well, I got off the phone with Microsoft. Apparently the last three Customer Service Agents didn't tell me I had to send in my old Power Brick to get the new one which I paid $99 CAD for. Back when I got from the Philippines around July 17 I called Microsoft, the first agent I called said "What you do is buy the Xbox 360 warranty for $99, then we will send you a new power supply for free and you will have a 1 Year Warranty for your Xbox 360", I said thanks and that was the end for that call. Two days later I called and I told the agent I wanted to buy the warranty so I could get my Power Brick, he said that the Warranty only covered the Xbox 360, not the power brick and the Power Brick is $89 which is roughly about $90. So I said I would buy it, he puts me on hold and about 15 minutes later after getting sick of Listening to the Halo 3 music with the Volume just going up and down the Billing Agent picks up, so I tell her the Credit Card info and she told me "Your power supply should be there in 10-12 business days". So, 12 Business days passed (Not counting Sundays) and I call again, this time some girl called Chloe picked up, I told her what was going on. She apologized and said to wait another 10-12 business days and if I still don't get it call us again and WE WILL talk to our supervisor about it, I was just thinking to myself "What the fudge? The customer should be talking to the Supervisor about it". Anyways I thank her for the information, then two days ago (I forget how many days have passed) I call, ask for a supervisor, the guy (an Australian this time) says I will be put on hold for 10 minutes. It was actually about 20-25 minutes, the music was fudgeing annoying, not even that Halo 3 stuff. So, eventually (Phone Timer was at 36 minutes) the supervisor picks up, I tell him my Reference number. He says that the package data was set to "Waiting" then he said "You have to send in your Xbox 360 Power Supply in order for us to send you a new one" (Once again, WTF? I paid for the fudgeing power brick that cost me 99 fudgeing dollars! Why the fudge should I have to send the old fudgeing one in when I paid for that fudgeing one as well?), I told him the last 3 people didn't tell me that so he apologized and said I wouldn't have to send my Power Supply in (Probably out of Sympathy.. or my Anger :s ), so now they are sending me the package for real, and I get a Free Xbox Live Vision Camera, if It doesn't arrive by the 19th of August they said to call again, hopefully I will be able to get a new Headset or a Xbox Live Gold Card thrown in to sweeten the deal if it doesn't arrive :o


If it doesn't arrive and they won't give me the Gold Card or a Headset (Wasn't even available in the Compensation I was eligable for, just some stuff I need). What should I get if I am able to receive another item?


- Project Gotham Racing 3

- Viva Pinata: Party Animals

- Xbox Live Vision Camera

- 64 MB Memory Unit

- Wireless Controller

- Rechargable Battery Pack

- Universal Remote (Compatible with 360, TV and DVD Player)


This was the list that the Supervisor gave me. So I am unsure if there are more options available.

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Who needs a memory unit when there's a hard drive???Get the camera if you already have four controllers.

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