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The Leet World


So I did a couple things today.


First, I went to the dentist again, after like 2 months, and got cleaning. Of course this includes taking off the wires of my braces and putting them back on again (which hurts like heck). And then I needed to have rubber bands in my teeth, so the bottom jaw won't go in front again. I mean, the braces are working faster than most braces, even the doctor said so a few months ago, so why need the rubber bands? I need to wear em all the time, and it feels like it's pulling my teeth out. It's a pain to try and get the food stuck between my teeth in the area next to the rubber band, cause I can't reach there with my tounge.


Then, we went to this technology mall thing, and I got a new webcam and mic. It's set up right now. The webcam is one of those standing up ones, and it's right next to my computer, and the mic is just another headset, but the place where I plug it in is all the way down at the ground of the computer, plus it's a long cord, so it's just annoying. It still works though. I can mess with my friends on msn! Yay!


Even further, we went to this DVD and Game place. I got GH Aerosmith, even though I don't like Aerosmith, I like Gh, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm at the second tier so far, and the songs are boring. >_> Whatever. I play hard.

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