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Artemis Fowl: The Evolution Incident

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Scary Food Item


A few months back I was reading a book (Artemis Fowl, if you must know). To create a distraction so someone could do something (the details escape me) little Arty begins talking to someone about the theory of evolution. Once the task is complete, Artemis, who had been acting like a skeptic quickly agreed with the man to end the conversation. Once him and his bodyguard are able to talk freely, Artemis says something to the effect of "Yeah right, that theory has more holes than a dam made out of Swiss cheese."


I just realized if he had said the same thing about the Bible or something, people would be up in arms. There would be public mass-burnings of the book, Eoin Colfer's house would be vandalized, death threats would be made against him, and a host of other nasty things. But instead, hardly anyone knows about what he said. In fact, I can imagine Orthodox Christians with a look of smugness on their face as they read the page. "Take that, Atheists!" they say, "a fictional 15 year old genius has mentioned he doesn't believe in the Theory of Evolution. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT, HUH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"


In fact, I bet some wise editor changed the topic of discussion for Master Fowl to the theory of evolution, just to aviod the trouble he knew would arise.


PS: Whoever can find a quote on the web of someone citing Artemis Fowl as a source to disprove evolution will earn my eternal love.

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If you tell me what book it's in, I can take a shot at finding it. Which one specifically. That was a great series.What you said is interesting, so true too. The thing is, so many people criticize the theory of evolution, they can't attack everyone.~Tis Helk

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Nope, they aren't public domain so I can't search them. Oh well, still funny.~Tis Helk

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