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The Curse Of Imsleepy

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So yesterday I was cruising down the freeway in my newly-washed car, trying to decide what radio station to listen to... there was nothing much good on, so I eventually settled for the classical station's aria hour.. Anyway, there was a bus nearby, and I suddenly a scream of "SWEET JESUS [email protected]! AAGGH!!!" despite having the windows rolled up and Mozart's Queen of the Night solo playing at full blast. This exclamation was followed by "GET IT AWAY! GET IT AWAY!!!!!" I saw the driver in front of me open the window, stick her head out, and look back at all the commotion; unfortunately, she wasn't paying attention to driving and swerved into a car in another lane. Even above the screeching of the tires, "YAAAAAAAGH!!" punctuated the air. The driver's accident caused a pile-up across all the lanes of the freeway, but, thinking fast, I activated my plot device generator and my car sprouted wings to fly over the wreckage.


And even worse than all that? Some huge bug hit my windshield, and it's like 2 inches wide so it's seriously obscuring my vision. Now I'm going to have to get my car washed again. >.<

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