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Scary Food Item


I found an Engrish translator online. It's fun to type random stuff into it. I put in this:



Infinity is a difficult concept to understand. When I think of infinite, I think of space, other people may think of their mothers-in-law, but I don't think those jokes are very nice. I joined the mob once, you know. It was fun until I had to pay taxes, then it was considerably less enjoyable. Then the 1920's ended and the mob stopped being relevant outside of The Godfather movies. I hear those movies are really good, but I've never seen them. Speaking of movies. That was really quite witty what I said back there. It was. A. Sentence fragment, but I don't care cuz it was so darn clever. I like being clever. Sometimes I see people less smart then me, but I don't show off because my cleverness might give them seizures, and seizures are not fun. When people have seizures, they get arrested or something. I once saw a guy get arrested. He was trying to steal something. He obviously didn't do a very good job of it, because he got arrested. Alas, I speak of much too dark subjects. Let's talk about something happy, like babies, or death. I like death, it's probably because I'm such a morbid person. I once went to a cemetery and thought "These dead people are cool" because I'm like that. I hear it attracts women.



and got this:


Infinity is the difficult concept which it should understand. When me thinking concerning infinity, as for me their mothers-in-law, I don&Perhaps, the other people you think concerning the space concerning #039, you think; t thinks of that those jokes are very splendid. I one time joined in the mob, you have known. That until I had to pay tax, was the pleasure and it was more pleasant rather little. Then 1920' S and the mob which it ends outside the teaching father movie is related, stopped the fact that it is. I those movies am good really, but I&It is the #039 and you inquire about thing; Never, those ve which is seen. Speak concerning the movie. That what which I said there really considerably had been rich in wit. It was that. Piece of A. sentence, but I don' cuz that of the worry of t so was very intelligent. I like the fact that it is intelligent. Occasionally, I to be less than the smart people and me, I don&You look at the #039; As for t my Ken the pleasure which is not the grip perhaps gives the grip to those, bragging, because to show. When being the grip in the people, being obstructed, or something you obtain. I one time person being obstructed, observed at that it can. He tried the fact that what is stolen. Clearly him didn' Because t could he being obstructed, the work where that is very good is done. In yes 哀 thought, I speak greatly excessively concerning dark subject. Let' Like the baby whether the story of s concerning happy what death. As for me death and it&The #039 is liked; Perhaps because s I' m very unsound person. I to go into one time graveyard, &Of quot was thought; As for the people where these die cool&It is quot; I&Because #039; m likes that. I inquire about that pulls the woman.



Link on request.

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