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My Perfict World

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Scary Food Item


Here is a transcript of a paper found near the drinking fountain at school, spelling and grammar left intact.


My perfict world would need to have Nator [Nature] so that I could Remoov it. I would like to hunt and fish and trap animls. eat the ones that are good But some like BoB cats and coyots and coon and fox and linx and elifints and white ouls and gray ouls and wolfs Liones and tigers and Bears, and wales and grafs and Bevers and Bagers and raBits and wilde Bore and Sord fish and snaks and poler Bers and segels and egels and fish and Ice fish, could be Remooved for fun or for their fur. I would get Rid of Religin [religion] Because it is a wast of time and energy. take away school too.


I would not have eny invirmentelists in my wold eather


PS: I would also Remoov desert tortisis and use there shels for Drums [wtf?]


I added some translations for some of the words I had trouble with. I'm guessing this is by a seventh grader, if it was anyone older I would be deeply concerned (more than I am now, at least.)

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A month after I first read this, I'm still deeply concerned about that person. Yeesh, what's next?

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