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This is ridiculous!

So my school will have a party for 5-9 grades (I go to a K-9 school). I'm going to be a mass murderer with a machete (obviously plastic), a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and fake blood on my shirt. But they don't let us bring knives, masks, blood, guns, or any stuff like that, so I can't wear my costume to the party :aware:.

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Really? I think people should be allowed to bring weapons if they're just plastic. My school allows it. :)

Be a pimp.
Haha omg, this guy a knew is dressed up as a French pimp today. He has these circle-shaped sunglasses and a pink beret, and his friend, who is also a guy is dressed as a chick! He's wearing a bleach-blond wig and everything, it's really hilarious. xD

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